To ensure you are placing yourself in the right category that is challenging but still fun, these guides are to help you decide what category you should be in. 


The Elite divisions for Individuals and Teams are programmed for competitive athletes who generally finish in the top 500 in the OPEN within their region. 

Proficient at all CrossFit style movements including Muscle Ups, GHD Sit Ups, Pistol Squats, Handstand Push Ups, Handstand Walking etc.


Female weights will be 40kg+ overhead, and over 70kg deadlifts for reps.


Male weights will be 60kg+ overhead, and over 100kg deadlifts for reps.


Gymnastics Movements you won’t see in the intermediate category: Ring & Bar Muscle-ups, Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups, Handstand Push-ups, Handstand Walking

Gymnastics Movements you may see in the intermediate category: Pull-ups, Toes-to-Bar, Wall Walks, Rope Climbs

If you finished in the top 500 in the Open, you probably shouldn’t be on an intermediate team unless your other team members are at a lower fitness level than yourself. If two or three team members can do the gymnastics movements you won’t see, you most likely shouldn’t be in the Intermediate category

FEMALES | Teams of 3

Barbell loading won’t exceed 40kg overhead for reps. Overhead barbell loading will range from 25kg to 40kg.

MALES | Teams of 3

Barbell loading won’t exceed 60kg overhead for reps. Overhead barbell loading will range from 35kg to 60kg.


Just like a fine wine, we get better as we get older! 
Our Masters category is there for athletes aged 35+ across four groups in two genders. 

The online qualifiers will be designed to test athletes in a fun and challenging format that is inclusive. 

From there the top 8 athletes in each age and gender will be invited to compete at the DUC22 in Wollongong. 

Athletes can expect to be tested across all areas of fitness and skill, with consideration made to their age and gender as you would expect in the CrossFit OPEN & Semi-Finals workouts. 


Athletes are allowed to compete in multiple categories, and where the workouts are the same can submit the one result. 

However to compete in more than one category, athletes must register into each independently in the online qualifiers. 

Once the Online Qualifiers have closed and the final leaderboard in confirmed, athletes must choose their category to compete in the final stage before the LCQ events.