Part of the excitement of an event is walking around seeing all of the amazing products that make up the health & fitness industry. 
The DUC is proud to have the following brands at the event to bring their products to the community. 

ATP Science

ATP Science are innovators at heart. By championing science we look to guide others to become fearless, tenacious goal-getters. Our steadfast commitment is to innovate, educate and create kick-ass products.


Auki; increase, exert the utmost of one’s strength.
Burn the boats, we’re going ALL IN!
We are a fitness accessory company built with the viking mentality, strength and ambition. As a company we strive to provide the best products to enhance your performance, aid your recovery and allow you to go ALL IN. 

Born Primitive

We provide athletes with the apparel they need to pursue their passion unencumbered. Born Primitive apparel provides unparalleled comfort and functionality that the best demand. Our apparel empowers our customers, enables them to workout freely, and be a part of the Born Primitive community. 


BOXFIT Apparel is a Fitness Apparel brand offering a large range of fun and inclusive apparel perfect to train in. We also have BXFT Custom which is our custom services brand providing custom apparel and merchandise to boxes all over Australia.


With a refreshing citrus taste, FITAID® is both great tasting and great for you! FITAID® is the ideal post-workout recovery supplement for better performance.

Fortify Gear

Designed with the Athlete in mind, W2e are dedicated to supporting individuals & athletes through our range of apparel, active wear & training gear.
Supporting Australia & New Zealand’s best CrossFit® athletes since 2015 with our range of active apparel & training accessories. Check out or epic range of Men’s & Women’s apparel, knee sleeves, belts & more… #fortifygear

Frog Grips

Gymnastic grips, Tape and support accessories to help you get the most out of the work you put in! Don’t rip it, GRIP IT with Frog #betterwithfrog

Grip Star Socks

Your high-performance shoes deserve high-performance socks. Foot movement inside your shoe creates power losses, Grip Star Socks harness those losses and turn them into gains. Grip Star Socks – not just socks – they are equipment!

Hippy Chippy

Hippy Chippy designs and manufactures a wide variety of Australian made, quality fitness equipment to the CrossFit and Fitness community. 

Livesore Victoria

Livesore Victoria is a high end quality apparel supplier that is well regarded in the Victorian Crossfit community, especially in the Masters comps.

Supplying all of your workout/gym clothing needs with breathable quality apparel that performs fantastically under pressure and looks Damm good doing it.


Our Mission Is To Inspire You To #chasethevibe Through Sports, Fitness And Adventure. Australian Owned, High-Quality, Functional Sportswear With A Street Aesthetic. 

PLNT Protein

PLNT is an all-natural plant-based supplement company that has an underlying focus on gut health throughout its products. We take a holistic approach to providing education and supplementation. 

Salty Down Under

Salty Down Under is Australia’s #1 LMNT™ Recharge Electrolyte Drink Mix Partner. Committed to being fully stocked and quick shipping. LMNT™ is a game changer and we want to bring it to elite athletes, everyday athletes and everyone in between. 

Sensei & Co

Strong Mindset. Strong Lifestyle.


Put time where you need it most.

Timebirds is on a mission to empower men and women to get the most out of every training session. They are the creator of the award-winning portable workout timer combining the functionalities of classic wall-mounted gym timers with the convenience of wearables.

True Protein

Leading the way in a new industry standard, True is 100% Australian owned and operated. A local supplement brand committed to transparency and community wellbeing, True products have been formulated by nutrition experts and contain nothing artificial.

The Wodlife

Stay Fit & Strong While At Home, Set Up A Workout Space. We Sell The Essentials You Need! Jump Ropes, Resistance Bands & Sandbags. Free Shipping. Buy Now, While Stocks Last! 100 Day Return Policy. 100% Satisfaction. 100% Australian Owned.


Turn up. Every day. Unbroken is an Australian owned active streetwear brand born with a passion to inspire our community toward a relentless pursuit of self-progression.

We believe in the power of human potential. At Unbroken, our mission is to create exceptional products and inspire exceptional people. We encourage our community to see success in small steps, and to foster positive habits that promote physical and mental wellbeing.

4 Time

Victory Grips, 2POOD Belt & Tape, RPM, Junk Headbands. 4Time is Australia premium supplier of functional fitness accessories & apparel.